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Get Ready For This Jelly!

Hello Friends!

I want to update you on some changes taking place at Do More Good Consulting. In 2017, I started this venture and prior to selecting a name, I conducted a great deal of research to ensure it was not in use. When I established my Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in 2018, I made sure to check with the Texas Secretary of State to see if Do More Good Consulting LLC was available, which it was. In February, I received a surprising call from a firm in Michigan after they heard about Do More Good Consulting in a news release. This firm claims to hold the trademark for “Do More Good” under the United States Patent and Trademark Office and asked me to stop using the name or face legal action. While they don't use the name publicly, the services provided under their trademark include nonprofit consulting. After consulting with my lawyer, we determined this was a legitimate claim. The firm in Michigan is kindly allowing me a 90-day period to change my business name as it will take time to get everything updated. Along with changing my LLC name, I decided to create a Doing Business As (DBA) name. The LLC name was easy to come up with – Osornio Torres Industries LLC. The DBA, however, really took careful thought. I did not want to face a similar situation with another trademarked name by picking something generic.

So here we go! Moving forward, my DBA is

Jelly Nonprofit Consulting!

*Record Scratch*

Why “Jelly” you ask? Jelly is the nickname my mom (as seen with me at age 3, acting out) gave me, but also, it’s quirky, memorable, and reflects the creative energy of this company! According to an online article posted by Medium last year, “Naming a company, product, or service [...] an uncommon name is actually a really good thing.” Furthermore, “[U]nusual names boost your ability to remember them through the power of curiosity.”

Think about how Apple may have sounded to the public in 1976 when it was founded. What about Google in 1998 or Twitter in 2006? There is also... wait for it... Blue Avocado on online resource for nonprofits!

So welcome to Jelly Nonprofit Consulting, where nonprofits are our jam!

All the best,


(Here again with my mom - but behaving better)

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