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Let a Consultant be Your New Best Friend

Consultant Free Consultation

So you have a big project. It may be a really important grant, it could be that you need some help on social media, or it could be a capital campaign to finally build the center that those you serve deserve. Whatever your need, we can help - after all - Nonprofits are our Jam!

In the first part of this series we described what a consultant does and why you might need one. So now let’s dig in and explore what your first steps to working with us might look like.

Let’s Introduce Ourselves...Being Friends is Free, Just Like Your Consultation

No really, your first one-hour consultation is completely no pressure and free. We promise to be straight up about our ability to assist and the cost. Nothing will be charged to you before you sign a contract.

You can get your absolutely free one- hour consultation today by giving us a ring at (325) 326-6110 or emailing us at

This is the Part of the Consultation Where we Become Best Friends

Here is what we need to know: We want to hear all about your project. What are your needs for the project, what outcome do you want to see, and when would you like to complete the project? The more info the better here.

We’re besties after all, tell us everything!

As Your New Best Friend - We Have Questions

After you describe your project we may have follow up questions. We will want to know more about the needs of your organization and the desired project. Please tell us about what led to the idea and how your organization has been pushing forward so far on your project.

Next we will want to know about your organization, your staff, your structure, your board, and how much board commitment you have.

We Know You, You Know us, Let’s Talk Numbers

Our last question… What’s your budget? Professional Consultants do cost money, but allow us to talk realistically with you about your organizations budget and what your dollars can get for you . Our priority is to always be straight up and honest with you, especially when it comes to cost and billing.

Let’s Make Some Plans!

The final step of your consultation will be to make some plans with us! We look forward to providing you with a quote or proposal for leadership to review. We are happy to draft a contract of services for review and signatures. Upon completion of these steps, we are ready to get started.

We want to learn all about your organization and how we can help.

We look forward to being your new best friend!

Call us today to set up your free consultation!

Office: 325-326-6110

Mobile: 325-374-7304

Or shoot us an email

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