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NEWS: Urgent Nonprofit Needs Drive JNPC Service Expansion

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

QuickBooks Online Consulting and Strategic Planning Added to Service Array

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For many organizations, the continuing COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to a demand for services that is unprecedented. To meet the demand, many nonprofits have pivoted strategically and taken an all-hands-on-deck approach to their missions.

In response, we have added two new, frequently requested services to our offerings to help nonprofits focus on their crucial work while we handle the details. Until now, we have primarily offered grant writing and project management services to organizations locally and around Texas. However, after receiving multiple inquiries, we have added QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping and Consulting and Strategic Planning to our service line-up. Team member Erika Mullins is a Certified QuickBooks Online Pro Advisor with 3 years of experience in bookkeeping, while founder and CEO, Angelina Osornio Torres, believes that strategic planning is a natural extension of the grant and project management services offered by JNPC.

The team at JNPC has put a lot of thought into this expansion of services. We are fortunate to have a team with very diverse skills and we are ready and able to meet the needs of nonprofits. The past two years have been very difficult for many organizations, and we have found through our work that what most nonprofit teams are lacking is time. The increase in service demand has forced organizations to prioritize in a way that makes future planning and administrative tasks like bookkeeping fall by the wayside occasionally. We have made it our mission to partner with nonprofits and serve them by taking on these duties, allowing leadership to focus on bigger tasks, or by taking the lead to guide organizations through planning and projects.

Nonprofits that are interested in our services can book their FREE consultation today!

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