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Small Business Jam Session

The Angelo State University–Small Business Development Center (SBDC) invited jelly Nonprofit Consulting Founder and CEO Angelina Osornio Torres to take part in their small business panel taking place at the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce Monthly Membership Luncheon on April 12th. Over the years, Jelly Nonprofit Consulting has used the business advising services and training available from the SBDC. Their services are mostly free and if there’s a fee, it’s very low cost. They are a treasure trove of information and help for small businesses like us.

They invited attendees of the luncheon to watch the panel take place live. Hosted by the charming Julie Schniers, the panel resembled that of a late-night talk show. Schniers asked each panelist questions from behind her host desk while also interacting with the audience. The panelists were Angelina Osornio Torres (JNPC), Charles Mullin from COWBOY-UP Chocolates, and Jessie Browning from Buttercup All Day Café. Each panelist took their turn answering questions about their business, the help they have received from the SBDC, and the effects that the pandemic had on their operations. Below is a video of the full panel along with the promo sequences for the SBDC and the panel.

Shout out to Media Advantage and By The Stream Media, which did a fantastic job with planning and implementing the event concept and promoting the event.

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