I have a personal philosophy, which is to be the change you seek, and grant writing is my way to create effective, positive change. I am a native of Menard, TX but have been based in the San Angelo, TX area for over 20 years.


I graduated from Angelo State University with a degree in Psychology and Sociology. After working in the nonprofit sector for over ten years with the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council for the Concho Valley, La Esperanza Clinic, and West Texas Boys Ranch, I launched this venture in June 2017, which strictly focuses on fund development for the nonprofit sector.


Additionally, between January 2018 - December 2019, I was a subcontractor for the Dallas-based grant writing firm, B&A Professional Grant Consulting. Their focus is on infrastructure-related grant development for municipalities in California, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas.


To date, I have raised over $12.4 million through my grant writing skills.

So what's up with the name Jelly? Simply, it's the nickname my mom gave me! I wanted a memorable and unique name that also reflects the vibrant and creative energy of our team and this company. 

Experience and Skills

  • Capital Campaign Management

  • Capital Project Management

  • Grant Application Development

  • Public and Media Relations

  • Graphic Design Capabilities 

  • Well-versed in Cultural Competency

Angelina Osornio Torres