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The mission of Jelly Nonprofit Consulting is to help nonprofit organizations out of jams. 


Osornio Torres Industries LLC, doing business as Jelly Nonprofit Consulting ("Jelly"), is a high-quality, client-oriented firm, offering customized, turnkey project management services to nonprofit organizations. Jelly is the nickname of founder, owner, and CEO, Angelina Osornio Torres, which was given to her by her mom Mary!


Jelly was founded in 2017 and is based in Texas. The Jelly team works remotely and includes diverse, highly skilled individuals located across Texas, California, and Florida. The team's diversity allows for the provision of highly responsive and competitive consulting services to nonprofit, municipal, and governmental clients. The Jelly team brings an extensive level of experience and expertise gained from serving clients from an assorted array of sectors across the U.S. 


Jelly Nonprofit Consulting serves U.S.-based nonprofit organizations serving geographic regions in the U.S. Jelly accepts clients based on their mission, project, and Jelly's ability to meet their needs. These organizations must benefit the public and address identifiable current needs, demands, or problems in their service region. We do not provide services to for-profit businesses.


We do not provide services to religious organizations for religious purposes. We may provide services if the proposed project of the religious organization is non-sectarian, benefit a broad base of the community, and have a separate 501(c)(3) designation. The proposed program must not promote a specific religion/theology or discriminate against non-believers.


We are currently not in the position to donate in-kind services or provide pro-bono work. If now is not the right time considering your budget, let’s connect again when the time is right. We look forward to partnering with you in the future. In the meantime, we invite you to check out our 'RESOURCES' page on our website. 

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