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ccbhc needs assessmenT

We Specialize in Conducting Needs Assessments for CCBHCs!

We KNOW the CCBHC criteria and are EXPERIENCED in conducting CCBHC needs assessments.

Our comprehensive needs assessment process identifies the behavioral healthcare system gaps unique to YOUR community.

CCBHC Expert
Needs Assessment for CCBHC
Process for CCBHC Needs Assessment
CCBHC Needs Assessment
Create the Game Plan:
  • Finalize the project timeline.

  • Collaborate to identify the key stakeholders who should be involved.

  • Determine the "whens" and "wheres" to gather direct community input. 

Learn About the Center:
  • Learn your center's history, the region you serve, current programs and services.

  • Gather information about your target population and number of individuals served by your center.

  • Collect and study key organizational documents including previous needs assessments to identify changes.

Conduct Research:
  • Conduct surveys to collect direct input from consumers, their families, and key stakeholders. 

  • Gather demographic and health data specific to the region you serve. 

  • Collect statewide demographic and health data to establish a baseline for comparison. 

Analyze the Data:
  • Study the survey responses, and regional and state data to identify gaps in the behavioral health system. 

  • Use the identified gaps to prioritize needs.  

Report the Findings:
  • Use data to develop tables, charts, and graphics so data is easy to read and understand.

  • Write narrative to correspond with the tables, charts, and graphics. 

  • Develop a beautifully designed report of findings that incorporates your center's branding, and is suitable to share publicly. 

CCBHC Consultant
CCBHC Advisor
Behavioral Health Needs Assessment



Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) are required to conduct a community behavioral health needs assessment to identify community needs and gaps in the behavioral health care system. The findings of the needs assessment are used to guide staffing, scope of services, and availability and accessibility of services.


A CCBHC is a specially-designated clinic that provides a comprehensive range of mental health and substance use services. CCBHCs serve anyone who walks through the door, regardless of their diagnosis and insurance status. CCBHCs integrate additional services to ensure an approach to health care that emphasizes recovery, wellness, trauma-informed care, and the holistic treatment of physical-behavioral health. CCBHC is also a new provider type in Medicaid, therefore, allowing CCBHCs to receive an enhanced Medicaid reimbursement rate based on their anticipated costs of expanding services to meet the needs of these complex populations.

Using the CCBHC model, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) developed and implemented a CCBHC Certification program (T-CCBHC). Community Centers that are pursuing CCBHC Certification are required to meet specific criteria, as evidenced through documentation, to demonstrate their readiness to operate as a CCBHC before attaining certification or to recertify. The criteria fall into six areas: 1) staffing, 2) availability and accessibility of services, 3) care coordination, 4) scope of services, 5) quality and other reporting, and 6) organizational authority. 


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