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3 Steps to Writing the Grant

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Find the Right Grant Maker for Your Nonprofit.

The first step to applying for your grant is to find the best grant maker for your nonprofit organization. This research can be done online through the Foundation Directory Online (FDO) This online directory is a great tool, however it does require a paid subscription to access the in-depth grant maker profiles that you might want to see when making your decision on where to apply. The search tool allows you to identify potential grant makers through the following:

  • Subject Area

  • Population Served

  • Organization (Grant Maker) Name

  • Organization (Grant Maker) Location

  • Who's Who (Organization Staff and Board)

Determine Your Ask

The Foundation Directory Online provides access to each grant maker's IRS 990 form. This form will tell you some valuable information such who they have awarded grants to, the grant award amount, and the project/need that was funded. You can use this to determine whether your organization and project are a good fit for the grant maker and also as guidance in determining the size of your grant request.

Get in Touch

Before writing your grant for submission, take some time to call the grant maker and ask any questions you may have. Take the opportunity to tell them a little about your project. This call is the perfect chance to allow you to get to know them and them to get to know you. On occasion you may get sent back to the guidelines or their website, but many are happy to engage with you.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an experienced grant writer who has recently switched organzations or just getting started writing grants, these steps will help you to get acquainted with the grant makers best suited to your cause and give you a good idea of how to best appeal to them.

Need a little extra help? Jelly Nonprofit Counsulting writes grants! Give us a call at (325) 326-6110 or shoot us an email at to schedule your FREE consultation.


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