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Grant Writing Questions? We Have Answers!

Nonprofits of all sizes encounter challenges in grant writing. Whether you are trying to decide if you are ready to apply or wondering how you will make the time needed for a quality submission, we want to help! Keep reading for the answers to the grant writing questions we hear most often. We hope this information can help you decide whether hiring a professional grant writer is right for your nonprofit.

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Are There Professional Grant Writers?

The answer is YES!

Jelly Nonprofit Consulting provides professional grant writing services! Professional nonprofit grant writers come from many backgrounds and range in experience and specialization. They work for grant writing firms like ours, perform their services as freelancers, or work as nonprofit employees.

Is a Grant Writer Worth It?

Grant writing can be time-consuming and tedious, outsourcing the work can ensure deadlines are never missed while giving staff members time to focus on what matters most - their mission! Besides freeing up time, choosing to outsource your grant writing could save you money. Hiring a team member to write grants is expensive. Considering the salary and benefits that would have to be spent on an employee dedicated solely to grant writing, an organization might find it more fiscally beneficial to contract out grant writing assignments.

How to Find a Good Grant Writer?

Many grant writers advertise their services online and a google search can provide you with some options. Another option might be websites like Upwork, which allow an organization to advertise opportunities and select from applicants. When selecting a grant writer, you will want to look at their experience and success rate. Some grant writers offer a free consultation, which is an excellent opportunity to speak with the writer and discuss the organization and project.

What Do Professional Grant Writers Charge?

Contracting a professional grant writer does cost, and those fees are commensurate with experience and record of success. Fees range from anywhere between $50.00 (some experience) to $125.00 (extensive experience) per hour. Reputable grant writers will require payment even if the funder does not award the grant. It is not best practice or ethical to pay the grant writer from the awarded grant, so you will want to ensure the funds to pay the writer’s fees are secured prior to work beginning.

Jelly Nonprofit Consulting (JNPC) Founder and CEO Angelina Osornio Torres is a professional grant writer who has raised over 12.4 million dollars in grant funding for various organizations. She spent 10 years in the nonprofit sector before starting JNPC in 2017. JNPC provides grant writing and other nonprofit support services to organizations throughout the United States and offers free consultations to nonprofits.

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